Author: baileychairez

Bailey Chairez-Nelson an advertiser, photographer, and creator currently studying at PrattMWP. From Granite Bay, California she's been in media production for six years.

Personal Project: I am a motherfucking Woman.


For my personal project I will be doing an ad campaign dedicated to uplifting all women. I will create multiple visuals such as a poster, video, and a photo book. My goal is to work with woman of all ages, races, religion, and sexual orientation and help them build confidence.


Kerstin Bernhard

Kerstin Bernhard is a Photographer from Sweden. She studied at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and photography school Contempora Lehrateliers in Berlin. She worked with many establish artist such as Christian Dior. She’s my inspiration because we’re both Swedish and her photo style is fun but elegant.