Author: Ashley Liu

Originally from the swamps of Florida, Ashley is an aspiring illustrator that currently studies at Pratt Institute in upstate New York. Now instead surrounded by excessive amounts of snow, she spends the majority of her time practicing her skills in both digital and traditional media.

Personal project idea 2: Eden


IMG_20170919_030337.jpgI decided on another idea for my persona project, which is a mobile runner game called Eden. I can’t learn how to code in a short amount of time so it won’t be a real game, but I plan to create concept art, animate fake gameplay with After Effects, and make fake screencaps of gameplay. It will be a highly aesthetic game that focuses heavily on graphics and appealing UI.


Personal Project: Sketchr


This project is basically Tinder for artists, but instead of being a sleazy dating app it’s a slightly less sleazy job search app. I got inspired to make this project over the summer when I changed all my Tinder pictures to artwork and listed commission prices with my portfolio website in my bio and actually found work that way, so I concluded maybe an entire app dedicated to this would work out just fine. It would operate in a similar fashion – you choose what your looking for, jobs or work, and get bombarded by individual profiles that you’d he forced to swipe right or left on. Whichever you match with, you’d have the option to contact them and discuss further. A built in payment system would be incorporated into the app so users wouldn’t  have to rely on outside services for that. It’s for more casual jobs rather than stable ones, mainly freelance work for students or rising hobbyist designers could pick up for some real world experience.

Joel Plosz


Joel Plosz is a New York based animator and illustrator that creates unique, stylized graphics. He currently works as a motions graphic designer for Mashable. I find his simple color schemes and geometric style highly appealing due to the simplicity of the work. I find him inspiring because he proves that less can definitely be more when it comes to design.