Author: Anastasia Eren



My personal project is to create Rosé wine brand with using peony flower as it’s logo. My audience is young women who are in their early 20s or 30s. My goal is to make them feel special, elegant, sexy with tasty sweet wine.


Gustave Courbet

The Desperate Man (Self-Portrait), 1895

Courbet was a French painter who had a big role in Realism movement in 19th century. He turned down academic convention and worked on what he believed in. His independence was an inspiration for later artists, such as Impressionists and Cubists.

He created magnificent works of art that represented and symbolized his own life. Artists that are able to show their deepest feelings amaze me the most. I like to find connections between the artist & the viewer. Being able to see their life styles, fears and desires through their paintings helps me to understand what actual art is.