Author: adamafzali

Adam Afzali is a NYC native, who currently attends Pratt Institute in Utica New York. He originally went to school for Psychology, but later switched to Graphic Design/ Illustration.

Mexican candy

I decided to do my infographic on Mexican candy. At first I was going to do a standard infographic, but something seemed disconnected. So I researched more infographics and came across data visualization. These infographics design with just data.I was more drawn to these and decided to go with it. I think I’m more drawn to these is because of my background. I’m from New York City and there information is flying at you fast, so having something you read where you get process the information right away is something I’m going for. In order to make this I am experimenting with Cinema 4D. I want to make these infographics 3 dimensional.



Personal Project Update

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 2.52.09 PM.png

Throughout this semester, it was nice to have a project that allowed me to learn and push myself. At the beginning of this project I had an idea in mind of what I was going to do. This was the complete opposite of what I did and to be honest I am happy where I ended up.