Author: adamafzali

Adam Afzali is a NYC native, who currently attends Pratt Institute in Utica New York. He originally went to school for Psychology, but later switched to Graphic Design/ Illustration.



Oneida Square Trash Project

   Trashy Art

Another Person’s Trash is another Person’s Art

The oneida square Trash can project was created by Mike Ballman, a local pastor and cathy marsh, the local artist in residence. When pastor mike first came to utica, he noticed that the city was not in the best shape. He noticed that there was no employment in utica. Pastor mike wanted to help this cause, so he thought the best way to help is starting a social enterprise. His first attempt at this was to make t-shirts.

Unfortunately that idea didn’t work, so then he decided to make “Holy shih tzu: Dog waste removal”. That to didn’t work as great as he thought it  would.


So, pastor mike took time to listen to the community and noticed that the town had so much litter on the streets and not enough trash cans. Pastor mike liked this idea, however cathy made it better. She insisted on making the trash cans into art.



Cathy’s philosophy was that if the trash cans can get noticed, then the area will get noticed. Cathy is a firm believer in symbols so she started thinking of artforms that best fit for utica. She saw utica as this beautifully broken city. She put two and two together and decided to make the trash cans mosaics.


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