It’s Time! UFC Infographic


TigerT-trueMy infographic is about the Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC. The UFC has been hosting its live events since 1993 and there has been much criticism of the no holds barred, combat sports. In its early days, the UFC has been seen as an extremely violent sport that leads to many injuries. Today, there are many rules that have been added to prevent injuries, but still they are inevitable. One thing that I wanted to focus on is pre-fight injuries. It is common for fighters to injure themselves before a fight and this can lead to some problems such as letting down their fans, fighters losing money, etc.

Portrait PosterizeTiger T. was born and raised in Utica, NY (the city that God forgot). He is currently studying Graphic Design at Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute and will continue on to Pratt Brooklyn. He aspires to be a successful digital artist, working in graphic designs and animations.

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