Save our Bees



TRUE wireframe art-01Bees are one of the foundations of nature and life. How are we going to survive without nature? I still remember the first I heard that scientists have predicted the extinction of bees, I was shocked and decided to do something to save our bees. #save our bees is a project which focuses on raising people awareness of bee extinction and calls up people’s attentions to save our bees in daily lives.

Junheng Chen was born in Xiamen, China and moved to Auckland, New Zealand in 2013. During the first year of her high school, she organized a charity party for poor university student and raised 40,000 Chinese dollars for those students’ tuition fee (the average tuition fee in China for one student per year is about 5,000 dollars). After she moved to New Zealand, she was influenced by western society and decided to devote herself to art.  Junheng Chen is a creative, experienced, enthusiastic artist and illustrator. She is currently a sophomore Communication Design student at PrattMWP.



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