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In 2015 Americans made up about 99.7% of all the hydrocodone intake in the world. Individuals who fall into opioid addictions build tolerance and subsequently use augmented doses as time progresses. The American Society of Addiction Medicine  states that four in five heroin users started by misusing prescription painkillers. The opioid crisis is a devastating epidemic that is taking the lives of tens of thousands annually. This  issue is not only a reflection of our society, it is a direct repercussion of the decisions made in our healthcare system and our judiciary system.


Itahy silva is an aspiring designer born and raised in the Catskill Mountains. She is currently enrolled at Pratt Institute in Utica, majoring in communications design with a concentration in graphic design. She also has a passion for sculpture and installations. A vast majority of her projects are influenced and driven by concern due to social, economical, and political issues worldwide in the 21st Century. Her goal is to communicate the conflicts of individuals who are voiceless through her work. Being home in the Catskills, surrounded by nature and adventure fuels her best work.

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