Transgender Rates of Mortality


Namey_S_TrueartTransgender people are at an extremely high risk of death just because of their gender identity. Between assault, murders, and improper healthcare, trans people fight for their lives every day. In this infographic, I tried to highlight some jarring statistics that will inform the public about the crimes trans people face along with charts to help visualize the information. I included the TrevorLifeline as a resource to LGBT people, specifically trans, who may read this and realize they need resources, information, or a listening ear. I intend to bring public awareness to the struggle of transgender people so that cisgender individuals (identify as birth sex) can take steps to speak up and fight for trans people’s right to live.

profile picSidney Namey is a current sophomore at Pratt Institute’s upstate campus, Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute, where she studies Communications Design with a focus in Illustration. She intends to move to Pratt’s Brooklyn campus for her junior and senior years and graduate with a BFA in Illustration in 2020. When she is not in school, she resides in a rural town just outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


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