Dollar Sign Project

Cindy Dollar Final-01


First I reserched the history of the dollar sign. The orgin of the dollar sign comes from a handwritten Ps, an abbreviation for peso in old spanish american books. The first $ symbol occured in the 1770’s in manuscript documents of English-Americans who had business dealings with Spanish-Americans, and it starts to appear in print after 1800. I also researched some of my favorite artists renditions of the dollar sign, like Andy Warhol.



Someone who really inspired me for this project is Andy Warhol. I remember seeing his money prints in person at the High Muesum and loving the layers of bright colors he used. It was so simple yet pleasing to the eye. I tried to emulate him a little with my design by using layers of color to make the simple design really pop.

“Money is the MOMENT to me.Money is my MOOD.” -Andy Warhol

Scan 1.jpeg


For my process I drew a bunch of sketches of simple dollar signs. I knew I wanted to have a rougher more textured design. I ended up drawing it in illustrator with a brush tool and layering the three colors on top of one another to create the finished version. I also made an quick animated gif of my design.

Final Product:


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