13: How can I stand out?

Since there have already been successful renditions, what can I do to make mine different?

While Persephone and Hade’s Holiday are both awesome, the characters and personalities I want to give to Hades and Persephone are different, as well as their environments. Both comics still have a heavy level of magic to them, while in my comic, I want the magic to be secretive and subdued, where the Greek gods have to “blend in” with mortal society.

I also plan to add some fun modern aspects I haven’t seen yet: Hades and Persephone meet on an online gaming board, Persephone is a literature major at college, and Hades is a lonely, oddly-dressed guy (often mistaken for the lead singer of an underground punk band) struggling to find relationships above-ground.

What I haven’t seen in either of these retellings is the initial struggles/flaws of both characters. While their story together is important, both Persephone and Hades had important timelines before they met which are equally as important.

Also, I see Persephone as more of a snarky tomboy than a demure pretty girl, but that’s just personal taste. 🙂

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