12: Has it been done before?

Short answer: yes. A million times.

But it can be done again.

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 8.10.10 PM.png

Hades and Persephone has been exploding in popularity due to its themes. But still, I believe that my take on the story will be individualistic and I have not seen it repeated in any of the research I’ve done.

George O’Connor’s rendition is told in modern English, but still takes place in ancient times. Kore (Persephone) spends her days with nymphs picking flowers. Demeter is seen as an overbearing mother and the two argue in the typical teenager/mother way. She is kidnapped via a hole opening up in the ground and Hades forcing her into his horse-drawn carriage. She finds herself distraught at first, feeling like she has been snatched of all free will, but grows to enjoy the individuality being Queen of the Underworld gives her and realizes that her domain makes her feel confident. She gives herself  the name Persephone.

What I enjoy about this retelling is that, instead of Persephone being victimized, helpless, and distraught. She has been narrated as a “cold, distant queen.” But here, she grows powerful and enjoys her her role as Queen. Keeping her sensitivity, she brings her own light to the Underworld and grows fond of Hades. This gave so much more character to Persephone, and I fell in love with it.

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 8.08.20 PM.png

Allison Shaw’s comic, “Persephone”, is in the process of being published through crowdfunding on Kickstarter. What’s most interesting about this retelling is that Persephone isn’t kidnapped: she falls in love with Hades and chooses to live her life with him. Hades also looks a lot less brooding and more human in this comic, which is another change I appreciate as well.

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 8.26.52 PM.png

Hades’ Holiday by elvishness is a beautifully illustrated webcomic currently available to read on Tapas. Description: “Hades and Persephone just want to be together; If only the gods agreed with them. Hades’ Holiday is a modern, fun adaptation of the characters from Greek Mythology!” It has 4.6 million views and 42,200 subscribers.




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