Since I change my topic, I did the research and write a new creative brief about werewolves card game this week.

Werewolves is a kind of talking and logical role play game. It was originated in America,
but populated in China recently. Right now there are a bunch of new professional
werewolves clubs, apps, reality shows, professional werewolves players, competitions
and livestreaming. However, the card that people used for the game are only several
versions. Except the classical version and jy club version, others illustrations are really
bad and hard to read. I am a big fun of werewolves game, so I want to create my own
illustrations of the characters on the cards.  I am going to design the characters for the werewolves card games.

 The target audience is Chinese young people who likes to play werewolves. The
illustrations of cards really influence people’s mood when they saw the card. Also, good
illustrations are easy to read for the new players who are not familiar with the characters. Some werewolves clubs that do not have their owv designated cards may be the stakeholders. They all want to use unique and fancy cards that different from other
 I will do the illustrations on the iPad by Procreate. After designing the card, I will print them and sell it in the box or sell the copyright to some werewolves clubs to use it. The materials are iPad and Apple Pencil to do the illustration and papers, cardboards for

Here are the pictures of professional werewolves club in China.

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