Month: October 2017

New Title: Lost


So during this entire year, I have been feeling lost, through my art and through myself and i wanted this album to reflect me and my feelings. So although this is just a mock up album, I still wanted to be true to myself and allow others to know my feelings through my work. So I decided to change the name of the album because I felt as though it was a fitting name, since it is the one word that would describe my life right now. Here I am just playing with different ways to write the name of the album and how I want it to look.

Week 7 update: HALFTONES sample stickers

Finally got to see the quality of these stickers, and they’re pretty nice so i will be ordering more and in different colors so I can start making sticker packs . All the white parts are transparent and they are glossy in direct light.

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My next goal is to make assorted color pins, maybe the same design just in different colors or maybe different designs entirely.