Month: September 2017

Week 4 Update


I decided to use my short story that I wrote for my Creative Writing class for this project.  Here are some basic notes of the characters that are in my story.  Currently editing my story.  I’m going to sketch these characters soon along with some panels.

2nd Update

20170929_005720For my personal project I put out a message on Facebook asking for artists willing to collaborate on a personalized embroidery piece. Two have reached out to me so far and these are small thumbnail designs for one girl that requested a collar. I will show her these next week, work on color comps, and then begin my embroidery.

Update: stages/title screens

New'vasNew Canvas

I created some more concepts for the stage/title screens based off of notable Old Testament tales.

Since the main focus of this theoretical game would be entering a state of zen/relaxation, I decided to omit “stage clear” popups and want to provide a seamless transition in between levels to preserve the player’s concentration – as a result, progress is marked by checkpoints and each time the the game is loaded the title screen would be marked by the stage the player last played. Its not shown in the sketch, but the avatar controlled by the player would be there and tapping the screen to start the game would have it immediately take off into the scenery without loading


Personal project update

I’ve been playing around with several compositions for some of the photoshoots. This is one of the rejects. In this photos I was working through the process of developing what I want to convey in my photos. These I did due to my frustration from always being told “you’re so pretty you don’t have to worry about anything else in life”. This always made me feel silenced because anything I had to say wasn’t relevant. I decided not to include these because I want my photos to be more about bringing women up and these weren’t conveying that in the way I want.